4 Tips to Make Children Love Reading

Fostering an interest in reading is not easy. Children tend to choose activities that are more fun and enjoyable than reading.

Special tricks are needed so that children are interested in reading. Implementing reading habits is a challenge for educators, both teachers, and parents.

Fun conditions are also very influential in creating mood in children. When the child’s heart is happy, the subject that the child receives will become easier. To create this pleasant condition, we need to know what things the child likes.

For this reason, apply the method of playing while learning will be instrumental in building interest in reading. This method has been used in several Best School in Bangkok, one of which is St Andrews Sukhumvit.

Besides, parents need to have certain tricks so that children love to read from an early age:

Be a Model For Children

Parents are role models for their children. For this reason, be an example for the little one in the habit of reading, don’t just tell your child to get used to reading. If you have enough free time, you can read something useful according to your interests, whether in magazines, newspapers or others. Please do this in front of children, so they are also interested in reading.

Provide books that are easily accessible by children

Usually, the books at home are stored on a large, high shelf. However, this will make children think that book is only for an adult since they can’t reach it. For that, there is no harm to provide books on shelves or places that are easy for your children to grasp. Thus, children will able to reach books when they want to read.

Give a Book as a Gift

When you want your child to love to read, then do some ways that can make children interested when given reading books. One of the methods is by providing a book as a gift for your child. You can give a book as a birthday gift or give it as a tribute for achievement. However, the selection of books must also be considered. Always provide a book with proper grammar, light, and following his age. Reading will offer many benefits to children. Thus, when they enter higher education, they will not have difficulty in facing reading in school.

Read a fairy tale to deliver it to sleep

Reading fairy tales before bedtime is a good tip for introducing children to reading activities. Tales will attract a sense of curiosity in children so that gradually they will be interested in reading it themselves. In this way, of course, the child’s imagination and his creative process will further develop.

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