5 Modern Industrial Office Design Inspiration

right office design can support a person’s comfort in doing work in the office. One of the most popular designs is a modern industrial design. Besides displaying a decorative impression, modern industrial design will also make the office look more contemporary and classy. Express Fitouts is the right solution to realize your dream of having an aesthetic and classy office space; you can directly visit https://www.officefitoutaustralia.com.au. Here are someĀ  inspirational modern industrial office designs:

1. Domination of Wood and Glass Materials

Wood and Glass are the right combination to build a modern industrial design in the office. Wood itself is commonly used in industrial design, while Glass is more synonymous with modern styles. You can use wood materials on furniture such as tables and chairs and construction of buildings such as ceilings, walls, to the floor of a room. Glass can be used on the surface of the table and room divider. Its transparent nature makes the Glass reflect light and add a more spacious impression.

2. Window Glass

The second characteristic of industrial design is the large glass window. This type of window will make sunlight enter freely and illuminate the office room. From inside the room, you will see a refreshing outdoor view. You can add iron grill material on the outside of the window to ward off the light, so it is not too hot.

3. Dark Color Domination

Dark colors in the office will display a professional impression. To emphasize industrial design, choose wood-colored furniture with different gradations, ranging from light to dark. You can also add synthetic grass as a floor mat. Synthetic grass will also make your office room not look bleak.

4. Ergonomic Chair Design

ergonomic chair can support the industrial and modern impression. The material of ergonomic is comfortable and sturdy can support your body properly. The black and brown colors that dominate the ergonomic chairs are similar to the theme of the modern industrial office.

5. Elements of Exposure

The use of exposure elements is one of the characteristics of industrial design. Exposed concrete walls can decorate the room. Exposed brick walls can also function as a separator for one room that has more than one function. Apart from making the office look more attractive, the exposure element can also add texture to the appearance of the office room.

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