Building a Solid Work Team with New Employees

To capture and build a solid working team is often the most important role of a company’s HR in the initial phase of hiring employees, and in its relationship with new employees.

Every new employee who will work in your company will automatically be faced with other employees with different educational and life backgrounds, and are expected to always work well together.

Since then, the process of adapting a new employee has begun!

Adapt to the new workplace environment, to the task, and adapt to other employees in the office who will later work together for the same purpose, advancing and achieving company targets.

Building a Solid Work Team with New Employees

Building a solid work team between all employees, especially those related to new employees, is not as easy as turning the palm. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this, such as.

  • Implementation of corporate bonding activities, such as Training, Outbound, and Gathering.
  • Establish a club and hobby community in the office for employees.
  • Create a friendly competition program between employees.
  • Perform and delegate tasks and targets for the team.
  • Get employees to work together in their daily work.

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Here are some points that you must first understand in forming a solid work team:

1. Ensure Clarity of Objectives and Target Awareness

You must give awareness to your employees, regarding the goals and targets of the teams that involve them.

  • What should they be formed in a team?
  • What targets should employees achieve?

Create and communicate specific and structured goals, such as the division of roles for each member, the expected results, the process to be taken, as well as the division of tasks and responsibilities, and so forth.

This will provide a sense of security and clarity, and direction that prevents every employee and new employee on your team from understanding their meaning and interests, and not getting out of the main goal.

2. Maintain Commitment

No less important is commitment. You must make it clear to the team that consists of your new employees that they must hold a commitment that has been mutually agreed upon and always remind team members about the importance of holding a commitment. Give them direction to evaluate themselves each time they have done their job.

3. Calculate the Risk and Consequences of Team Work

Every step you take must have its risks and consequences. It is better if you and your team of employees not only make plans to achieve the goal but, must take into account the risks that will be faced when you and the team take that step.

Prepare yourself and each member of your team for the consequences that will be faced when the plans that run fail. Always make plan A and plan B ready, and prepare your team for possible plans that one fail.