How to Hold Anger at Work

Nobody likes high-tempered people. But sometimes it’s not easy to control one’s own emotions.

If you are a high-tempered person, you must learn to hold back so that your anger does not worsen the situation. Uncontrollable anger could make you do harmful things.

However, that does not mean you are forbidden to be angry, because everyone has feelings. It’s just when you’re in a difficult situation or when you’re disappointed with anyone at work, do not be angry too much because it can prolong the problem and will make you regret later. Therefore, try to control your emotions in the following way.

Calm down

When you start to get angry, don’t take it out right away. Hold your emotions and calm yourself first.

Take a deep breath, sit, and drink water. Staying quiet for a while will make you think better in responding to problems that occur.

Try to Think Positive

After you calm down, emotions tend to be more stable. Then divert your negative thoughts before taking further action.

Try to think about positive things to change the way you feel towards other people or problems that occur, so you don’t get carried away.

Do the Necessary

Do the things you need to, not the things you want to do. If you just follow your feelings, then you tend to be more emotional and can’t hold back your anger.

Think about what action you should take to solve the problem. By thinking before you act, you will not do anything rash that ultimately complicates the issue.

Watch How You Communicate

When you face people who make you angry, whether it’s your business partners, employees, clients, or customers, pay attention to how you communicate.

You can be assertive and show a disappointed expression. However, don’t use negative words, since it won’t make the person catches your point and only prolong the conflicts.

Now, those are some tips on how to hold your temper at work. Indeed controlling emotions is not easy. However, you can train yourself not to get angry quickly when problems occur by doing various Team Building activities. One of the places to do team building activities is at Hidden Door. For more information, please visit the website at

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