Plastic coupons for supermarkets

If you’re in the supermarket industry, listen up. There are many ways to promote your store and attract new customers. Some advertising campaigns can be very pricey. Others are inexpensive. The name of the game in business is saving money. This applies to both the company and the consumer. Plastic coupons are effective at attracting new customers. 

Offer plastic coupons to patrons

A wonderful way to reward loyal customers is through offering loyalty cards or even a plastic coupon. Coupons drive patrons to the store and encourage them to make a purchase. Offering discounts on small everyday items such as milk, bread, coffee, or even canned goods is an excellent tool to ensure that patrons make use of the cards as soon as possible.

Plastic coupons can even be offered using a discount on all purchases. Customers view these coupons as holding value and will feel valued for making purchases at your store. This not only drives more customers to your store, it is a way of rewarding loyal customers for their business. 

Perception is everything

How patrons view your establishment will directly affect their shopping habits at your store. A customer that feels valued is more likely to make additional purchases at your store as they feel that they are getting something out of it as well. 

Coupons drive sales

Have you ever heard of the term: impulse purchases? This is when a customer shops at a store with a list of items that they wish to purchase, but instead, makes additional purchases that were not on the list. 

When the patron visits the establishment, they may be enticed to shop for additional necessities simply because it is convenient. They came for the milk but bought the bread as well. A simple example of how effective coupons can be at driving sales

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