Prevent Fire with MCB Schneider Electric

When a rotating power outage happened, you might feel very upset because you cannot do various activities with tools that run on electricity. This event proved that electricity is a necessity that cannot be separated from human life.

Not only the benefits that need to be discussed, but we also need to know about the accident that might happen due to electricity. According to research, cases of fire also often occur due to electrical short-circuit. For the risk of short-circuiting, a device called a Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) becomes a necessity for users of the electricity network. Besides functioning to cut off electricity when there is a short circuit, the MCB also performs to cut off power in the event of an excess electricity load.

Seeing the importance of this MCB function, choose the best MCB product for your electricity network. MCB Breaker Scheider is the right product since it meets the Standards. If you want to use this product, you should buy it at official stores like SQD Group. For Breaker Scheider ราคา, you can visit the website at

In addition to choosing a quality product, another thing related to electricity that you need to consider is the electrician. It takes a reliable electrician to install the MCB properly.

During summer, electronic devices at home more easily heat. Hot electronic devices are also dangerous because they can cause an explosion. To maintain electricity installations, you can pay attention to these five steps.

1. Do not change the condition of the kWh meter / MCB tool by yourself. Changing these devices is not only dangerous but also a violation.

2. Check the electrical installation every five years to a trusted company. So, if there is a cable damaged by heat or broken by a rat, it can immediately be replaced with a new cable and has a safe standard.

3. Check the power jack. If there is a black around, renew it immediately.

4. Keep electrical equipment away from flammable objects such as gas.

5. Do not allow electronic equipment (such as televisions and cell phone chargers) to stay in place for too long.

Don’t forget to have a lightweight fire extinguisher and make sure the contents are replaced once a year. Always cut off the electricity by turning it off directly after you use it.

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