My name is Paul Tatrita and I have the ambition to be an expert in essay writing, editing and text editing. Of all the places under the sun, the Righteous Creator identified Marakei, a small remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean, as the island of my birth. The island is one of more than thirty islands that make up the island nation of Kiribati.
Over the past year or so, I’ve been looking for a job online on the Internet, and luckily I’ve come across a website called Entertainment, which gives researchers the opportunity to write articles. Not only was I thrilled to find the website, but I was also very grateful to the owners for not only being free, but allowing any budding author to add any number of articles to their system without any restrictions . This is the opportunity I was looking for and last night I went to bed and felt satisfied and worried about what would come in the morning. But I knew very well – that I had to write and that I had a good chance. There was a voice, yes, a very strange other voice, which forced me to write, to talk about my life and my experiences, good or bad, to those who read my articles. The inner voice was unusual in his insistence and gentle persuasion; It seemed to make me believe that I could do this gigantic task with ease. I am persistent in my constant claims and with the passage of time, like any human being, I have finally given up and now find myself on this cloudy and rainy day Friday, September 6, 2012, sitting at my desk in my modest residence with a laptop in front myself, ready to draft My Detail for writing my article.
The night before, I had fallen asleep peacefully, except for a few minutes of turmoil, when I heard Rakntai’s granddaughter scream in her sleep around midnight. She is the pupil of my eyes and she is a wonderful child who was born as a result of a short meeting between one of my four daughters, Katarina, and her friend. I will not deal with this encounter, but suffice it to say that Rakntai was born into this world as a sweet child and fell in love with her the moment I looked at her. But let’s get back to rewriting the article. When I woke up in the morning, the idea of ​​“writing an essay” spontaneously popped out of my mind, and as noted, a strange voice reappeared and reaffirmed itself in my self-awareness, gently persuading me to start writing without delay. I sat down quickly, thanked him for letting me wake up this morning, told him about all the troubles the family was facing, and asked for his guidance, strength, and courage to embark on an adventure in which I was preparing to embark. Sebe u.
As I brushed my teeth and then drank my regular morning cup of tea on a hammock, the ideas took on a more tangible shape and began to group together into a coherent whole, as if the pieces were in a jigsaw puzzle. The first thing that crystallized in my mind was “personal life”, the second was “relationships”, then “sports”, then “education” and finally “religion” in that order. The string came out randomly, not from any intentional mental alignment on my part, and I decided to write it down as it was arranged in my mind. However, before I did that, I was amazed by the fact that the five areas that emerged summarized the full range of my life experiences. By the end, I shared and lived aspects of each of the orientation categories and somehow I was more confident that I would be able to write interesting articles about each category. With that mindset, I pulled out my laptop, sat at my desk, and thought about how to get started and wrote:

  1. Biography
  2. Relationships
  3. Sports
  4. Education
  5. Religion

After his writing, the title list looked impressive on paper and despite the confidence I had gained earlier, they made me wonder if I could really justify writing articles that would accurately replicate their tones, unusual characteristics and the way I lived with them. Education Info assured me that I could and indicated that in any case, in a personal context, it would inevitably reveal and portray events and accidents, whether good or bad, sad or cheerful, exciting or boring, lively or tragic, that I had already experienced in my lifetime It lasted over 66 years.
As I write, I will systematically choose my topics from one of the five titles already mentioned and start, as far as I can remember, by writing about the first category of titles and progressing to the last, writing one essay for each category, and then returning to the first category. In doing so, I will be able to present a range of topics from different categories that will add variety and interest to my essay. Will simultaneously keep a systematic record of what I write about each heading so that when the time comes, it will not be an arduous task to compile a book on each category of writing whether the final product is a book or several books. The method will also provide me with a way of quickly identifying the orderly sequence of events from the beginning for each category as well as the opportunity of inserting any changes that emerge as a result of my mental recollections.
I know that there are many people in the Pacific who have found themselves in the same predicament as I have found myself. The task of finding a job online is much easier for people from overseas countries because they possess the aids that complement the computer which is used for finding online jobs. For us in the Pacific, it is a real challenge because we do not have such aids. For example, when an attractive online job appears on the screen, you are always required to make a down payment using either a credit card or through a PayPal account. No one in Kiribati owns a credit card except for the government ministers and secretaries and not even the ministers and secretaries own a PayPal account. So no matter how attractive an online job is, it is impossible to apply for one or become a members until you come across. There, you will be able to find an online job, but I must warn you that you have to pass a grammar test before you can qualify.

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