Types of Door Lock You Need To Know!

 Mortise Door Handle-Sets

This type of key has a different form of inner and outer. To open the door from the outside, press your thumb on key hole above the door handle. On the inside, there are no holes, but only a knob. The door automatically locks when it rotates.

Door Knob Set

The type of door lock is certainly very familiar to us since we often encounter this type in many places. Generally, you can find a Door Knob lock on bathroom doors because it facilitates our access to the bathroom. This type of key is shaped in such a way to make it comfortable to hold. Inside the knob, there is a button that can lock the door automatically. That’s why people install it on the bathroom door. You don’t need to worry because it is very safe.

Standard Duty Lever Handle-Set

This door handle is not equipped with a keyhole. It functions as a handle to open and close the door. This handle is made for rooms that do not need security, and there are no valuables in it. For example, your kitchen door or warehouse door.

Medium Duty Tubular Lever Handle Set

This handle is similar to the Standard Duty Lever Handle-Set, but it has a keyhole on the outside. For the inside, it has a rotary knob that functions to lock the door. This type of key is perfect for a room where you store valuable items and confidential documents.

Keyless Electronic Handle Set

In today’s electronic era, people want everything to be more practical and efficient. Likewise, in choosing a door lock. You can choose this one since it is convenient. It requires no keys because it uses cards with an automatic locking method. There are also electronic key options with complete features such as fingerprint access, mobile scanner, even the ability to be accessed remotely.

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Each type of key above has a level of security that you can take into consideration when choosing door handles for your doors. And you’ll agree they are far more accessible when you compare them to other measures in a comprehensive security plan, especially where you must now buy complete AR-15 rifles for personal protection purposes. If you are still confused or find problems related to locking, please access www.strongholdlocksmiths.com with a fast response for 24 hours!

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