Know Your Options Among Wysiwyg (what You See Is What You Get) Editors

Any Adult designer resorts to using WYSIWYG editors because the design requirements in the case of adult websites are complex and elaborate. Therefore, it becomes essential for the adult website designers to see the formatting while they do it.

Though WYSIWYG editors facilitate the job of the adult designer considerably, but at the same time add unnecessary extra code to the woe of these adult designers, as the excess code makes the websites take longer to load.

An adult can find many WYSIWYG editors online, available for both free of cost and on paid basis. To name the most commonly used ones,

Adobe?s Dreamweaver is one of the most popular web authoring tools with adult website designers. The editor generates least extra code in comparison with its counterparts. It also provides CSS support. One needs to purchase it to use it.

Microsoft FrontPage shares significant analogy with Microsoft?s Word and presents adult website designer with an extremely easy to use and learn WYSIWYG visual editor. It?s also popular because it comes with packaged with Microsoft Office. It is ideal for small business or individual use. However, the visual editor is known for adding substantial amount of extra code.

Alleycode HTML Editor is a free editor that lets you see the code and design both, as well as includes CSS wizard, PHP support and Meta Tag optimizer for search engine friendliness and Meta content accuracy within the website design.

DHE (Dynamic HTML Editor) is neither too complex as Dreamweaver nor as easy as FrontPage. It is a middle version of the two.

At last but never the least, any adult website designer needs to use one of these WYSIWYG editors for consistent translation of his/ her visualization on the screen. After all, the visual appeal of the final product only showcases the creative stamina of its adult designer before his/ her audience.